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There is an old adage which states that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Overprotective parents do not know how their hovering and coddling of their children are irreparably damaging and crippling them for life. Yes, parental duty entails loving and protecting a child when the occasion arises but overprotective parents often do these things to the point of detriment instead of benefit. These parents believe that their children should be protected as much from life’s catastrophes as possible. They further contended that their children’s childhoods should be as free and unencumbered as possible. In other words, their children should have as little responsibilities as possible- they should be “children” first and foremost.

The overprotective instincts of modern parents are destroying children’s independence, trapping them in a hyper-controlled bubble that they might never escape.

These children are often inundated by their parents that the world is a very dangerous place to be in. They are raised to be timid and fearful. Unlike children of less protective and free range parents who are allowed to explore and savor their environment, these children are kept under lock and key both literally and metaphorically. They believe that their children should be protected from mistakes, failures, and frustrations. They contend that it is not a child’s purview to experience the mistakes and frustrations of life. They asserted that if children are exposed to such things, they become discouraged and disillusioned.

As a result of the stifling environment in the homes of overprotective parents, their children often miss out on life developing opportunities. Those children are often behind their peers in terms of social, emotional, and psychological development. They are often infantilized beyond their years. Many children learn to hate their parents for the harm they have done. The average overprotective parent believes that he/she has given their children the BEST possible life. However, they do not realize that they have given their children the WORST life there is. Don’t ruin your children. You have already given them the best gift, the most valuable treasure in the world – their life. Don’t be the person to destroy it.

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[Letters are are generally a very positive curse]

I have always had something for letters. The fact that someone takes the time to thoroughly think and immortalize their words into paper thrills me beyond explanation. Maybe, this is just for the romantics or for the cynical, but it woos me how a moment can be kept forever young in the simplest of ways as it is capturing it all in tint and paper. As I read past letters that I treasure the most I can easily go back to those thoughts , feelings, and people. As photography has been an art and a way to connect with the past and the present moment, this lost art of letter-writing will always be a way to remember where I’ve been and the people who have constructed my present self. A letter is always better than a phone call. People write things in letters they would never say in person. They permit themselves to write down feelings and observations using emotional syntax far more intimate and powerful than speech will allow.

We live and breathe words… It was books that made me feel that perhaps I was not completely alone. They could be honest with me, and I with them. Words are things of beauty, each like a magical powder or potion that could be combined with other words to create powerful spells. 


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[For starters]

This is definitely not my first blog. Turns out I have made more than five so far in the last seven years, so this is not a beginning of a story, just a sequel of the old one that’s been told and then ripped to pieces and shreds just like a letter you write to a friend or a lover you haven’t spoken to in ages.
I suppose telling about myself is like trying to retell a content of that complex tangled book you were ought to read in high school. But this is where I will make an effort.
I live in my own colorful world, that is mostly painted in pastels. I am an insomniac, a white owl that only flies and sees clearly in the night. My head is a huge tiny spider web where all of my fast thoughts and mixed feelings are scattered around and entangled. My head is like the Rabbit’s broken watch from Alice in Wonderland that still never stops ticking.
I am a dreamer, a chocoholic and a coffeeholic. Just living my life to the fullest, taking and accepting every moment instantly trying to make it art. So, welcome to my blog and feel free to follow me if you by any chance find it interesting, you’d be really welcomed anyway.

Love, Scarlett.