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A blog about a girl who drinks a lot of coffee, laughs too much and daydreams all her life.

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This is definitely not my first blog. Turns out I have made more than five so far in the last seven years, so this is not a beginning of a story, just a sequel of the old one that’s been told and then ripped to pieces and shreds just like a letter you write to a friend or a lover you haven’t spoken to in ages.
I suppose telling about myself is like trying to retell a content of that complex tangled book you were ought to read in high school. But this is where I will make an effort.
I live in my own colorful world, that is mostly painted in pastels. I am an insomniac, a white owl that only flies and sees clearly in the night. My head is a huge tiny spider web where all of my fast thoughts and mixed feelings are scattered around and entangled. My head is like the Rabbit’s broken watch from Alice in Wonderland that still never stops ticking.
I am a dreamer, a chocoholic and a coffeeholic. Just living my life to the fullest, taking and accepting every moment instantly trying to make it art. So, welcome to my blog and feel free to follow me if you by any chance find it interesting, you’d be really welcomed anyway.

Love, Scarlett.



Author: scarlettred8

All my soul within, burning...

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